Capture The Flag Maps

At WizeCraft, we’re so proud of all of our contributors! Over 15 builders from all across planet have been working hard for more than a year on a fantastic collection of maps that’s improving by the day. Below you’ll find some of our top picks, selected for their fun factor! If you want to help us build the next great Capture the Flag map or WizeCraft features, let us know on Discord. If you’d like to run around these maps to get a sneak peek, find all the best paths, or get a head start on memorizing them, join the Build and Play League preview. 

Choosing which maps to showcase is difficult!

Many good maps from talented builders didn’t make this list. And some, like Sxdness’ Never Too Far or TNTLunatic’s Arctic Boulevard are really awesome—you’d love to play them—but are too big for our standard sized games. We hope to scale them soon without compromising their design.

Full Size Arenas (12v12)

Chateaux Fin






Canyon Run by xDEADWARx, with Fantacea & zeronerve


Rebirth by _Deathly and zeronerve


Incline Park


Eclipse by xRaoul and zeronerve


Courtyard by SlipperyBanana


Clash Valley+ by Matt Stiggs, 2019 updates by zeronerve


Mini Maps (3v3)

Tired of waiting with 6 people in an Arena Lobby? Here ya go. Play 3v3!


Mesa Mini by zeronerve with 2Tofu


Reclusion by zeronerve, based on Seclusion by Saml200 and MrEagleSir


Tiny Round


Docks by SlipperyBanana


Oasis by VonTapp


Jungle Lite by GalaxyStxr


Vault by xDEADWARx